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FEBRUARY 22, 2002
Greets and Huggers.  Sitting here watching the Olympics  ....  such outstanding young men and women  .... as a human family, our similarities are so much greater than our differences!!  ........ and also ......... saw on the news earlier that Daniel Pearl was slaughtered, his throat cut, on video tape  ... his widow, 7 months pregnant  ... making the statement that "they" may have killed Daniel ... but not his spirit. My soul weeps for her and their unborn son.  How is it possible that so many can come together and celebrate the diversity of human expression  .... and a few have sunk so low  ... have been left so far behind ..... live in such darkness ... that "they" can take a life in such circumstance?  Murder.

By the Grace of God ... I live in a society that would rather have a guilty person go free than punish a person who is innocent   ... a society that values and upholds the rule of law. How proud I am to be a member of a profession ....  a family of persons dedicated to upholding these laws  ... and ensuring that our children will enjoy the same "rights, privileges and immunities" our fore fathers passed on to us.  Be and sleep well tonight  ... knowing that while we ensure what we have here .... our men and women in uniform are making sure we can do so.  Susan is calling for me to come to bed ......  sorry if I have bored you ... but these are random thoughts .. :)