March 17, 2017

Greets and Huggers. Posted the evening of March 17, 2017. Susan and I had our second Peritoneal Dialysis Training on Wednesday. This session was training to perform manual peritoneal dialysis, where “a cleansing fluid flows through a tube (catheter) into part of the abdomen and filters waste products from the blood. After a prescribed period of time, the fluid with filtered waste products flows out of the abdomen into a collection bag and is discarded.” The manual part consists of connecting bags containing the dialysis fluid and collecting fluids from the abdomen, to the catheter and manually switching between them, while monitoring fluid levels. Manual peritoneal dialysis must be performed several times a day and takes between 15 – 30 minutes each time. Manual peritoneal dialysis is a backup for a Peritoneal Dialysis Machine, (PDM), should there be a power failure or the peritoneal dialysis machine malfunctions. A PDM is a mechanical device a little bit larger than an IBM Selectric Typewriter   …   it automatically switches between bags and monitors fluid levels A PDM is portable, can be connected to the catheter with up to a 32’ hose and is used once a day for 6 – 10 hours. Most folks use it at night while sleeping. Beats the hell out of sitting hooked up to a Hemodialysis Machine, at a Hemodialysis Center, every other day for 4 hours. With a PDM   …   you can have a life while on dialysis!!

Many believe racism exists in our America. Does this prove it does? (CNN) — Study: We think black men are bigger than white men (even when they’re not). “When we look at black men, what is and what we see are often different things. Namely, we may see black men as bigger, stronger, and scarier than white men, even if they are the same size. In a new body of research published by the American Psychological Association, 950 online participants from the US were asked to rate black and white men based on their weight, height, strength and build. “We found that these estimates were consistently biased. Participants judged the black men to be larger, stronger and more muscular than the white men, even though they were actually the same size,” said the study’s lead author, John Paul Wilson of Montclair State University. The findings got even more ominous from there. Not only did participants distort the size of the men, they also identified the black men as, essentially, more of a threat deserving of force. “Participants also believed that the black men were more capable of causing harm in a hypothetical altercation and, troublingly, that police would be more justified in using force to subdue them, even if the men were unarmed,” Wilson said.” Isn’t the definition of racism, “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior?” And doesn’t that beg the question: “Is it racist to judge black men to be larger, stronger and more muscular than white men?”

And a candidate for “Darwin Awards”:   (BBC NEWS) — Man dies charging iPhone while in the bath. “A man was electrocuted as he charged his mobile phone while in the bath, an inquest has heard. Richard Bull died when his iPhone charger made contact with the water at his home in Ealing, west London. A coroner ruled his death was accidental and plans to send a report to Apple about taking action to prevent future deaths. Safety campaigners have warned about the dangers of charging mobiles near water following the inquest. Mr Bull is believed to have plugged his charger into an extension cord from the hallway and rested it on his chest while using the phone, the Sun reports.”  Well .. I can see another warning label on iPhones: “Do Not Charge Your iPhone While in the Bathtub or Shower.” 

In the “I am male and have no clue”, news. (BBC NEWS) —   Girls ‘too poor’ to buy sanitary protection missing school. “Girls in the UK are missing school because they cannot afford sanitary protection, a charity has said. Freedom4Girls was contacted by a school in Leeds after it became concerned about teenage girls’ attendance. The group provides sanitary products to women in Kenya – but is now doing the same in West Yorkshire. One teenager told the BBC she taped toilet roll to her underwear and missed school “every month” because of her period. Two teenage girls spoke to BBC Radio Leeds about how they tried to cope without tampons, sanitary towels or pain relief. One of the girls said: “I wrapped a sock around my underwear just to stop the bleeding, because I didn’t want to get shouted at. And I wrapped a whole tissue roll around my underwear, just to keep my underwear dry until I got home. I once Sellotaped tissue to my underwear. I didn’t know what else to do. “I kept this secret up until I was 14 years old and then I started asking for help. No comment.

Sitting here waiting for Susan to come home and Editing these Ramblings. We will work in the yard tomorrow: “Spring Cleaning”. Sunday Lunch and a Movie? Lasagna and a garden salad. The movie? “Elite [2017]”.

Time to post these Ramblings. Later … I will also say a prayer for the safe and soon return of our men and women in uniform, (care to join me?) I am now close to 4 years nicotine free. Be and sleep well, the best we have as a nation are on watch so you can. If my post offends, I apologize … that is certainly not my intent. As always …

A Warm Brotherly Hug

KarlT (the dumb old country lawyer from Holden, Missouri   …   now retired and living in Pascagoula, Mississippi   … and the Editorial Staff)

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