August 4, 2017

Greets and Huggers. Posted the evening of August 4, 2017. A typical delightful, Pascagoula summer day. Drenching thunder storms in the morning … and a bright and sunny 82 degrees in the afternoon   …   with everything dried up by early evening. Pascagoula is crisscrossed with storm drains and drainage ditches, so standing water is rare. The largest employer in Pascagoula is Engalls Shipbuilding … with several contracts to build cutters for the Coast Guard.   Engalls is currently hiring in its apprentice pipe fitter and sheet metal programs. No student loan debt and once a journeyman   … a guaranteed job, just about anywhere in the US. Fact is: there is a severe tradesman shortage. There is no shortage of folks with a liberal arts degree. McDonalds is hiring.

A fascinating article! (BBC NEWS) — The ugly story behind a breakfast meat. “I was sitting at a hotel cafe in the Dominican city of La Romana, when the waitress slid my breakfast plate in front of me. It was a plato típico, the standard Dominican breakfast that came free with my stay. Looking down at the heavy mix of mashed mangú (plantain), fried eggs, slices of deep-fried cheese, and circular slabs of crispy, fried and strangely addictive salami, it seemed the last thing I should be eating on a sweltering day. I’d only been in the DR for a few days, but I knew by now that this was breakfast. It was served everywhere, almost every day, and it was downright delicious. Salami is a Dominican staple. It’s eaten cubed in spaghetti with tomato sauce, stewed with peppers and onions, tossed in rice and sliced thick and deep fried. I’d been served it every one of those ways over my trip. It was extremely tasty, but I was still a little baffled. How, I wondered, had a processed meat become such a staple?” At the 1938 Evian Conference, representatives of 32 nations and 24 voluntary organizations met at Évian-les-Bains, France to discuss the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing the rapidly spreading Nazi regime. Dominican dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina stood out as the only world leader willing to accept Jews seeking asylum. He agreed to allow 100,000 into the country   …   although, due to travel restrictions in other countries, no where near that many made it to the Dominican Republic. I did not know that the Dominican Republic had an active thriving Jewish Community.

And the “shaking my head” news. (BBC NEWS) — Ta-Ta Towel: Why the world has gone mad for a towel bra . “Bum-enhancing leggings! Light-up phone cases for better selfies! A stick-on bra to “give your girls a lift!” These are just a few of the products tech-savvy companies have launched into women’s social media feeds in recent months, in pursuit of viral marketing campaigns. Now we have the Ta-Ta Towel, which at first glance is the most ridiculous yet. Variously described as “a bizarre boob hammock” and “the breast accessory you didn’t know you needed,” it’s an absorbent towel for women that only covers their breasts.” And of course   … folks are buying it!! Why?

And in the “Karma” news: (BBC NEWS) — ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli convicted of fraud. “Former pharmaceutical chief executive Martin Shkreli has been found guilty of three counts of securities fraud. A New York City jury cleared him on five other counts after five days of deliberations. He was on trial in relation to a drug company he previously headed, Retrophin, and a hedge fund he managed. Shkreli, 34, was branded “the most hated man in America” in 2015 when his firm hiked the price of a medication used by Aids patients. Despite facing prison after being convicted of two counts of securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud, Shkreli professed himself pleased with the outcome.” Let’s see how pleased he is, after meeting his cell mate.

I wonder who funds research like this? (BBC NEWS) —   Men’s sexist attitudes ‘shaped by first exposure to pornography’. “The age at which a male first sees pornography is associated with certain sexist attitudes later in life, according to a team of researchers from the University of Nebraska. Their survey revealed the younger the first viewing occurred, the more likely a male was to want power over women. While if they were older, they were more likely to be sexually promiscuous. Of the 330 undergraduates surveyed, with a median age of 20, the average age they first saw pornography was 13. The youngest was only five, while the oldest was 26. “  How did they define “pornography”? Our Supreme Court has been unable to do so!! How do you test the conclusions reached? Isn’t there a difference between talking about doing something and actually doing it?

Sitting here editing these Ramblings and listening to the evening news. The big news? Severe weather systems in the North East …   the leaked transcripts of phone calls President Trump made to other world leaders. Not in the news? Changes in the peoples business, tax code reform nor repeal and replacement of Obamacare. Sunday Lunch and a Movie? “Alien Covenant [2017]”.

Time to post these Ramblings. Later … I will also say a prayer for the safe and soon return of our men and women in uniform, (care to join me?) Be and sleep well, the best we have as a nation are on watch so you can. If my post offends, I apologize … that is certainly not my intent. As always …

A Warm Brotherly Hug

KarlT (the dumb old country lawyer from Holden, Missouri   …   now retired and living in Pascagoula, Mississippi   …   and the Editorial Staff)

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